Music in downtown Columbia

Music penetrates in many aspects of our daily life. Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. Music is “the art of combining tones to form expressive composition; any rhythmic sequence of pleasing sounds.”, it gives us a way to express ourselves and shows the real part of ourselves inside that we don’t usually let others see. Music is important in our world, as well as in our lives.

In downtown Columbia, Missouri, we can see musicians playing all the time at weekends. There is a special band in downtown you may see every Saturday that play all kinds of music from 2p.m. to 2a.m.  They call themselves Band Brothers. Lionelle Miller, the keyboard player and his brother, Michael Miller, the guitar player are the founder of this band. Another Michael, Michael Del Rosario, joined the band three years ago.

Lionelle Miller works at university hospital, Michael Miller is a fund raiser and Michael Del Rosario is a laboratory technician. None of them are professional but they keep playing music for many years. “We love music from the bottom of our heart.” Michael Miller said.

Band Brothers plays “Piano Man” together. “I taught myself how to play piano and have been playing music for over 20 years.” Lionelle (left) said.

Lionelle Miller (left) and Michael Del Rosario (right) laugh because one of the audience plays the harmonica with them together.

Michael sings “Fly me to the moon”.

Michael’s guitar.

Robert Bishop, a cowboy from Nashville, Tennessee, plays guitar in downtown Columbia, Missouri, on Tuesday, May. 23, 2017.  He likes others call him Cowboy Titanium, which is his stage name. He just arrived at Columbia a few days ago and he hopes to earn some money here. 

Robert loves Eagles and plays their song. “Music is my life. I play songs not because they are popular, just because I like them. ” he said.

Robert also has his own song called “Cowboy Titanium”. “I’m a 100% cowboy. Cowboy definitely has some kind of spirit, like toughness.”Robert said. Robert is homeless right now but he doesn’t complain about it, “I have a coat to keep me dry, I also have my guitar to play music.” he said.

Robert shows us his guitar. “This guitar is over ten years old and I created most part of it. It has my name on it. Many people buy really expansive guitars as collections, but for a musician, we buy a guitar just for the sound.” Robert said.